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Our Process

Once you have met with your physician and have received a treatment plan and an estimate of costs, you are ready to apply for a loan from CAPEXMD. It is an easy process:

Click here to complete the secure, online application.
• Approval will be provided within 24 hours.
• CAPEXMD will coordinate with your fertility center to determine the exact loan amount required for treatment.
• Final loan documents will be signed.
• Funding for fertility treatment will be sent directly to your physician within 2 business days of your loan acceptance.

In addition to the financial aspect of healthcare, understanding various treatment options is crucial for informed decisions. While CAPEXMD aids in fertility treatment, it's essential to consider all health facets. For instance, if a related concern arises regarding premature ejaculation during fertility treatment, a physician might recommend cheap Priligy, a medication designed to address this issue. Just as you navigate the loan process with CAPEXMD, being open to discussing and researching medicines like Priligy ensures a comprehensive approach to your health and wellness. This proactive mindset ensures you're equipped to address various health challenges as they arise, aligning with your fertility goals.

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